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Motorhome Repair Services in Sidney

When it comes to motorhome repair services in Sidney, Clair Downey Service is a name you can trust. With our years of experience and latest equipment, we always strive to provide top-notch services at competitive prices in the region. Our experienced team has been in the auto servicing industry since 1951 and we pride ourselves on having the latest equipment and training as well as great old fashioned service.

Our team can help you with chassis repairs and can tackle engine, brake, tire and radiator-related issues, among others. We don’t work on the house systems but whatever work you can get done on your pick-up truck, we can do for your motorhome. We have a high-capacity hoist that can lift RVs that are up to 32ft long. Our technicians can work with all brands whether they are new or older models.


Some Tips for Motorhome Owners

The majority of motorhomes worldwide have diesel engines, and to make sure they perform well; you should keep a few things in mind. Our team can help you with any engine-based problem you might come across. However, if you can follow these few tips, you might be able to save up a lot of money on repairs to your engine:

Don’t push your engine too hard, and make sure you keep the temperature in check.

Avoid using your motorhome for short distances as running a cold engine, especially in city traffic, can harm your engine.

Use good quality diesel to avoid damaging the engine.

Get oil replacement regularly.

Regular maintenance should be done, including things like checking gasket, cleaning filters etc.

Take your time while warming the engine up.

Why Clair Downey Service?

Motorhomes are large vehicles and require special attention to maintenance and repair, and this is where we come in. While we don’t work on the home and comfort features, our team can do all the engine-related repairs and maintenance. We can work on your radiators, filters, oil replacement, air conditioners, tires and much more. Most RV owners store their motorhomes in storage units away from their homes due to space issues. We offer our very own vehicle storage unit that can store vehicles of all sizes. What can be better than having the repairmen right where your motorhome is parked? So go on an adventure, and when you come back and park your motorhome at the storage unit, we will take good care of it.

If you have a motorhome and want an expert to look at it, make sure that you give us a call .

Trusted RV Chassis Repair

Rely on us for chassis repairs of your motorhome. Our staff is skilled and experienced.

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