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Certified Vehicle Inspection in Sidney

Looking for a vehicle inspection in Sidney? Clair Downey Service is also a BC certified vehicle inspection facility. 


If you are moving to British Columbia from out of province and require an “out of province inspection”, we will do a complete check over of everything safety related on the vehicle in order to get the vehicle registered. Sometimes when you get pulled over with your tail light out (for example), the officer may also issue an inspection order. In either case we have a professional, designated inspection facility with all the necessary tools and equipment to help you through it. Plus, we offer a courtesy car and a free shuttle van that make it easy for you to get your vehicle to us. 


What Do You Get?

Vehicles are a significant investment for any individual. This is why it is necessary to get them inspected routinely. For personal use vehicles, at least one inspection in a year can get the job done. However, if you drive a commercial vehicle, we suggest you get an inspection every six months, with the following benefits: 


Regular inspection and cleaning of the engine and other parts lead to a boost in your automobile’s fuel efficiency.

Regular inspections will also help you make sure that your vehicle emissions are in check.

You stay one step ahead of minor problems and get them sorted before they advance into significant trouble.

Your vehicle will work efficiently for a longer time, with no sudden breakdowns.

Vehicle inspections add to the security of the person sitting behind the wheels.

Regular inspections can save a lot of money in the long run.

Call us today for a government-certified vehicle inspection for commercial or personal use vehicles. Our team of licenced inspectors can work with cars, trucks, buses, motorhomes, and more.

Certified Inspection for Your Vehicle

We offer government-approved vehicle inspection services for all kinds of vehicles.

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