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Auto Brake Repair in Sidney

Our experienced team has provided brake repair service since 1951 and we pride ourselves on having the latest equipment and training as well as great old fashioned service. Clair Downey's skilled technicians are always prepared to solve any problem you might be facing with your vehicle’s brakes so that your safety is ensured at all times. Our team has many years of experience when it comes to repairing and replacing brakes of all makes and models. This is how you know your vehicle is in safe hands.

We have a courtesy car and a free shuttle van that makes it easy for you to get your vehicle to us. Our team offers a range of other services related to vehicle repair and maintenance. You can contact us to know more about them.


Signs Of Potential Brake Issues

Before your brakes get squeaky, they may show other signs that they need to be serviced. If you can catch these early, you can often save money and avoid brake damage. While it's always recommended to go for regular check-ups to find any issues with your vehicle, there can be signs that your brakes aren't working well. Some of them include:

Vibrations in the brake pedals.

Car pulling to one side on its own.

Squeaking or grinding noise while pushing the brakes.

Low resistance or no resistance at all when hitting the brake.

Problems with Brakes? Let Us Help You

Our technicians are trained and have experience in brake repair for all makes and models of vehicle. We can help you with repair, maintenance as well as replacement. We use industry-standard equipment and brake components from leading manufacturers to ensure premium quality and reliability. Whether it is your front or rear brakes, disks or drums, our team can fix them right. We work with brake lines, pads, wheel cylinders, drums, shoes, rotors, hoses and all other major braking systems.

In case of squeaky brakes, we will take your vehicle for a test drive to see if we can recreate the problem. Then, we get it up on the hoist to do a visual inspection and come up with a plan and an estimate. Call us today and find out more about how we can help you make your vehicle run smooth and safe.

Dependable Brake Repair & Maintenance

We can repair all kinds of brakes so that your drive is smooth and safe.

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